Uno (1). Running, again, finally. I have sporadically kept up some running during these weeks of upheaval, and I think I am at the point where I can say I have started a routine again – which means I can re-focus on training!

Due (2). Opera! Catania is the hometown of Vincenzo Bellini (renown opera composer) and home to the Massimo Bellini Opera House. Spoke with a friend yesterday about making opera plans, and I am looking forward to learning more about opera while we’re here.

Tre (3). Soggiorno’s Permit. Yes, that is an Italian-English hybrid. Permesso di Soggiorni or Sojourner’s Permit. Either way, to stay in the country, I had to apply for it and get fingerprinted.

Quattro (4). Inkless fingerprinting!!! Who knew!

Cinque (5). Telepass! The feature of yesterday’s cinquecento post is a hit. We zipped through the tolls last night and although the morning toll was busier, we still maintained an edge over the cars in the pay-toll booths.


What is Occupy Wall Street all about?

These articles informed me today:
New York Times. Best line “In effect, the banks socialized risk and privatized profits.”

Washington Post. Prognosis: needs more organization and more pathos.

LA Times. Note: “Polls show perhaps four out of five Americans are unhappy with the political system

A website: and another helpful info site.

I thought it best to check with the, ahem, Wall Street Journal.

They all give a similar report:  people are fed up with corporate greed and taking unorganized action that may or may not lead to a more powerful movement.



What do you think? Can anything stop corporate greed? Or are you comfortable with the status quo?



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3 responses to “Pathos

  1. We can stop corporate greed, as well as many other things. We, as humans, have the ability to do pretty much anything we set our minds to. However, many people don’t want to put in the work to see change because it takes WORK. Shut up and put up, or do something about it. In a peaceful way.

  2. Well, we don’t all share the same goals. I realize I asked if “anything” could stop corporate greed. What I was trying to ask is if anyone reading agrees it needs to BE stopped.

    I think it is disgraceful and amoral.

    I do take small actions by using a local credit union as much as possible, and paying all of my credit cards on time so they aren’t making money from my interest payments.

    Yet, I do have a Bank of America credit card…where else will I get the credit card? How do I participate in “stopping” the greed that accompanies so many of the products and services I deem vital enough to continue to use them?

    I research companies and try to spend my dollars responsibly, but often enough I just buy what is in the store as my only option – I am not willing to go without in those instances.

    I feel powerless to change the status quo. I know it is *possible* to make changes, and I am willing to work for those changes, but I am not willing to put work into a vacuum of a black hole that just sucks away my efforts without any results or camaraderie at the very least.

  3. Largely, I think the problem begins with education in this country. Well, the US I mean. People don’t even understand basic terms like socialism, or how they even apply to our society. It seems a lot of people who cry against socialism are the same ones willing to accept government benefits, social security, Medicare, things like that. The point I’m trying to make is that while a lot of people will say they are unhappy with the way things are, there are still too many people who simply don’t understand and will rally for more benefits and less restrictions on the super rich, enabling corporate greed, just because it coincides with some insane, individualist “American” ideal.

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