Uno (1). Getting our household goods delivery!
Due (2). Finding only minor damages to the majority of our things.
Tre (3). A desk I was not fond of, but was pretty and useful, got destroyed! Filing the claim will be painful, but I can let go of the desk.
Quattro (4). Cooking with our pans (thanks for dinner, Dave).
Cinque (5). Taking one Element-load of boxes and packing paper to the recycling bin; probably two or three more loads to go, and it felt great to make a solid start.



The transponder featured above is the symbol of our commute. To get home, we drive about 20-30 minutes, enter the toll system and one exit later, we leave the autostrada. In our quest to simplify, we opted to buy a Telepass so we can take advantage of the automated lanes. Without an Italian bank account, we got the foreigners version. It is linked to an account we have at the NEX and at the month’s end, we pay the balance. Brilliant! The comvenience comes with a $6 monhly price tag. We think the convenience is worth it; time will tell.



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6 responses to “Commuting

  1. jenny

    Glad things are coming together, would love to see some pictures of your new place once everything is together!

  2. Zina

    That transponder is HUGE! Sheesh.

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