Moving In


Uno (1). New word! Arredamenti = furniture. Thanks, Ikea.
Due (2). Ikea! Whoa. The 1.5 hours we spent there were likely the most intense shopping hours I have spent. Possibly ever.
Tre (3). Trusting the kitties on our balcony. We are doing our best to teach them the edges and ledges are dangerous. We have a third story wrap-around balcony and fourth story terrace (second and third in European counting). They are responding well so far, meow.
Quattro (4). Calisthenics on the terrace. Fresh breeze, warm sun, inspiring view – invigorating!
Cinque (5). Indulging in reading a book in one night. “Still Missing” by Chevy Stevens. Set in beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, this page-turner sucked me in. I have to stay home today to moderate the household goods delivery, so I let myself stay up late to read. A chilling tale, with a strong female protagonist who is mostly believable and slightly fantastical (a good balance, reflected by the storyline as well): an overall fun read.


Cento (100)

We officially moved in four days ago. We have six keys to call our own, along with a fob to open the gate and the garage door. Of course we do not have a dishwasher in the kitchen; that’s balance for ya. The military provides temporary furniture (arredamenti) and Sigonella includes temporary kitchen supplies (from the FFSC). Those pieces were crucial, and appreciated, but I am thrilled to accept our household goods delivery today! Boxes and unpacking are a worthy price to pay for the forthcoming utility and comfort of our personal goods. Crossing my fingers against any major damages!

Dave has the sixth key, not pictured here, it is the most special key since we only have one copy.




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2 responses to “Moving In

  1. I’m going to have to read Still Missing because this is the second blogger I follow who has had positive things to say about it!

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