Waiting in a line to enter Ikea


Uno. Waking up in our new place, still exciting.
Due. Exploring what ‘kicking ass at life’ means to me, thanks to an awesome blog post by my brother.
Tre. Dining al fresco for every meal!
Quattro. Snuggling with Dave.
Cinque. Watched an interesting topic be mangled and with a good attempt, though boringly produced, dissected: the movie “Princess of Nebraska.”



This is my first trip to Ikea. I had seen the iconic Lego-esque building during many a Madison-to-Chicago trip. Yet, I had never stopped by. Here in Sicily, with new experiences by the handful, a part of me seeks to reconnect with the U.S. That, and a bigger home than I have had since living with my parents, spurred this shopping experience. Little did I know the popularity of Ikea with the Catanese. Now, I will mix a familiar U.S. shopping style with Sicilian compadres and blend familiar and new. Ciao for now, hopefully I will survive, wallet intact!

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