Sa sa sa Saturday


Uno. Early morning workout refreshed me after a long week of moving and shaking.
Due. Mad Men Season Four. So much better than Season Three.
Tre. Saw a cruise ship go past at night, pretty lights.
Quattro. Speaking of pretty lights, I saw a gorgeous orange sliver of a harvest moon last night at dusk.
Cinque. As dusk faded to twilight, stars appeared in the night sky above Etna.

Panther enjoying the terrace. Yes, that is our dryer behind him and yes it is permanently outside. We ordered a cover for it today as it already has a fine layer of Etna ash from a recent ash output.


Mac or PC? PC or Mac? I asked, you answered and I bought……..a Mac! Dave’s computer gave the blue screen of death once in the last week as well, so we both bought Macs and we are now an Apple household. It looks strange to see the iconic white cords running into wall sockets in my home. Strange how that cord reminds me of studying with Millie in law school and of my cousin Steph (who has accepted a mutual generation grouping!!!). I hope I have as wonderful a Mac experience as everyone who commented. Thanks for your recommendations.

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