Buona sera, Mt Etna


1. Moving into our permanent housing for the next three years!
2. Watching Maki and Panther explore the new surroundings.
3. Exploring a bit of our neighborhood; you know, like where we take our trash (end of the block) and our recycling (a short drive).
4. Freshly washed and dried sheets on our first night in our new house.
5. Sleeping the moment my head hit the pillow.

Terrace view of Mount Etna as I type.


In our bedroom, we have the standard Italian wooden shutters that block out 99.9% of light. This makes going to sleep very easy, and waking up not so easy. For example, last night I was physically, spiritually and mentally wiped out and happily sank into my dark oblivion. I awoke still tired but looking forward to the day. I am looking forward even more to Saturday morning. When I first stir, I will rise to open the shutters, gaze on the sea for a moment and scurry back to bed where I will read until hunger or sleep overwhelms me.

Maki appreciating the terrace and his new favorite bug hunting grounds.



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