Arrivederci Motta Residence Hotel


Uno. Check-in at our new house!
Due. Mangled Italian, hand gestures, and itranslate helping me communicate with my landlord, Filippo.
Tre. Started Season Four of Mad Men. I like pieces of this show and it comes together well, but there is always a point in the episodes when it drags for me. I can’t decide if I care about the characters anymore.
Quattro. Sweet pull-down screens for our terrace doorways.
Cinque. Saying good-bye to Motta Residence Hotel. It was a sweet soft landing and the staff provided us a warm Sicilian welcome.

We lived in Motta Sant’Anastasia for fifty-six days. In many ways it is difficult to believe we have been here that long. Time moves slowly when you are waiting for special moments to arrive. (Remember waiting for Christmas as a kid?!!) Now, I found a job, our U.S. car arrived and we made it through the registration process, roundabouts and Sicilian driving are habitual and we moved into our home for the next three years. We are still waiting for our household goods, my first day of work (and my first paycheck), and terrace furniture; we buy that this weekend!

Hommage to Motta Residence Hotel

A well posted sign is super helpful when you just arrived and the world is whirling around you.


This had become a familiar sight at the end of the day. We usually parked on the street, though the hotel has a garage with a gate. A night-blooming jasmine was in blossom near the pedestrian gate the first several weeks we were there. Lovely smell.


“M” for Motta!


Our Motta kitchenette. Stylish and practical. Perfect for an extended stay.


Good-bye Motta! Grazie Mille!


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