PC or Mac???!!!

In this time of technological strife, I find myself asking the age old question: PC or Mac?

I have been laptop browsing for a couple of months and have a few PCs picked out with super fast processors and long lasting batteries that will take me into the new age.

But then I saw the MacBookAir in the store. It is so pretty and lithe and lightweight. I could easily imagine slinging it in my purse and heading to the bar (in Sicily that’s the coffee shop!).

Which do you prefer? And why?


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5 responses to “PC or Mac???!!!

  1. Get. A. Mac. It’s so intuitive and fun to use! The Macs aren’t targeted by hackers like PCs are, so there are a fraction of the problems with them. Plus, the Mac OS is just a better, stronger system.

    I love that my 13″ MacBook Pro is so lightweight. The Mac OS programs are super fun to use, too! I just got mine in July, but I’m already a hardcore convert. (If you couldn’t tell…) Haha!

  2. As you know I’m not a computer guy, but my dad who taught computer science and programing at CVTC for 35 years just bought a MacBook. I dont know which one (because I don’t care or understand that computer stuff anyways. In fact I even had to ask Birgit what a PC was.), but I could find out. He was most a PC guy for those 35 years but he says he really like the Mac.
    Closely related, the iMac which I am using right now is nice and seems simple, hey I’m using it.
    May the force be with you…

  3. Hi Jill!

    It’s Mariah – from Madison… I got linked here from fbook and am enjoying reading about your adventures in Italy!

    I also say Mac all the way. Throughout college I had PCs and while they were fine at first, almost all of them broke within 2 years and the cost of fixing was almost the cost of a new computer. I bought my Mac in Sept 2008 and it still works great – and anytime something DOES go wrong, Apple fixes it quickly and (usually) free of charge. Like your friend above said, Macs are very intuitive and they come with a lot of fun “extras”. I have a MacBook, and I would recommend that or the MacBook Pro. The Air is very cool, but really doesn’t have a lot of storage…

    But that’s just my two cents! Hope you and Dave are having a BLAST abroad – it looks beautiful 🙂


    • Thanks so much for your comment. It really helped me decide on my Mac.

      I love hearing about your updates on Facebook and was so happy to see the big grin on your face in the pic holding Addy.

      Italy is so wonderful and I feel lucky every day to be living this life. I try to feel that way even in less desirable situations and now it comes so easily.

  4. Steph

    One of the classic questions of our generation- doesn’t that say something? (Also, did I just lump us into the same generation? We can muse on that some other time…)

    I L-O-V-E my Mac, you know this. I love it because the operating system is incredibly intuitive and full of shortcuts (there’s a learning curve, but it’s ohsonice once you’re on the other side), my screen is of great quality (go matte!), and my design work is a breeze as would be any music editing, if that was my thing. If you have AppleCare (and you should) they will fix pretty much anything fo free. Like, absolutely anything. Short of you explicitly telling them that the damage occurred because you threw it out a fifth story window. And even if you tell the guy on the phone that you fell on some ice and that’s why the dvd reader is broken, he could say something like ‘oh, that sounds like a faulty dvd drive, bring it on in!’ And they’ll be really helpful along the way. Also, while I don’t know much about the MacBookAir, I believe it has no moving parts. And the moving parts are the parts that break! That’s great news.

    But. You could end up with a $2000 internet-and-word-processing-machine. So, you just need to think about what you want out of a computer. And really really think about it if you’re leaning towards the Air, because that could have some processing limitations. Don’t be ashamed to include aesthetics and portability in your criteria- wanting to/enjoying the use your computer is important- just make sure it’s not the only thing you’re thinking about.

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