“I Cannot Live Without Books”


1. Coffee with Damsel in the morning.
2. Got honked at – and not the friendly beep beep- but it’s okay, the driver was pazzo (crazy), which made me laugh.
3. Shopped for a new bit of clothes appropriate for work. I am still wearing a 90% sundress wardrobe.
4. Healthy cats! Maki had been a little under the weather.
5. Healthy Jill! Well into my second week of deliberate practice, moderate portions and no alcohol (just for a little bit). Starting to realize increased energy, yay!

Few things in this world are as exciting as a new book. The opportunity to read of adventure without taking much risk. To take time to stretch your brain around a new concept, or new culture, even a new perspective, is its own reward. To read a set of words and phrases on a page and turn them into people and places, to empathize and live vicariously with a set of characters is to gain new friends and family. Sure, Barbara Ehrenreich isn’t going to pick me up from the airport, but I feel community when I read her books.

*Title quote written by Thomas Jefferson*


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One response to ““I Cannot Live Without Books”

  1. Sharon

    Did your interest in books develop when I would read my books to you as I fed you a bottle or held you in the early months of your life? Yes, you have always been interested in books. I could send you to your bedroom for a doing something wrong. I think you liked it because your books were there. I have a picture of you when you are about three years old, lying in bed with a book propped in your hands, must have been reading the pictures when you fell asleep. It is an interesting world in books.

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