A Question for Readers – How do you celebrate?


  1. Check, check, check on the to-do list.
  2. Finished “South of Superior,” by Ellen Airgood. I really enjoyed this book, look for a review in the coming weeks. It takes place in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, on the shores of Lake Superior and I keep wishing I could read more about the characters.
  3. Set an appointment to schedule internet and local phone to our new home.
  4. Slogged through some paperwork related to my new job, policies, practices, and timesheets, oh my!
  5. Rounded out the evening by watching North by Northwest, with the wonderful Cary Grant at the helm and Eva Marie Saint joining him there for the last third of the movie.

I am 32 whopping years old and let me tell you, I am still pretty freaking young. However, my body seems to think it is allowed to morph and reshape. To dissuade it, I have agreed to eat more sensibly and my body has agreed to change more slowly. One way to eat more sensibly is by creating non-food rewards. For example, to celebrate my new job, my first instinct was to have prosecco or a special dinner. Instead, I hugged Dave til his eyes bugged out and called my family. What are the non-food rewards you look forward to?


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4 responses to “A Question for Readers – How do you celebrate?

  1. Zina

    Interesting question regarding non-food rewards. When we get good news, we typically go out for a special dinner with the good news recipient choosing the place. I’m a bit stumped by the question!

  2. I like your special dinner ritual and I am sure I’ll still have special dinners. I am just trying to think of other rewards. So far, I came up with this: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=142&pID=63511&ra=true – which is about the cost of a really pricey dinner, or two pricey dinners, I guess.

    I’m thinking of getting it to celebrate my new job and a personal alcohol-free activity I’m doing for 17 days. Then it’s like two celebrations in one!

  3. Susan

    Hi Jill,
    I like the question and the opportunity it provides for introspection. With 40 pounds extra, I definitely don’t need to celebrate with food and drink but often do. At age 58, with children far away, I celebrate with skype conversations and infrequent visits. I celebrate my good health with exercise, gardening, and time with 5 little adopted grandchildren, my friends with lunches out (oops) and beach trips. I celebrate my marriage with dates going to Goodwill, hanging out with some TV, harvesting the garden, and occasionally going to Michael’s hundreds of softball games.
    The mode of celebrating which gives me the most satisfaction and happiness is giving of my time, expertise, and money. Just wish I had more of the latter as so many others are in need of it.
    Congrats on the new job, having Dave with you, and being able to have a wonderful Italian adventure.

    • Susan,
      What a great response, you really opened it up for me by thinking about the other occasions to celebrate – like family and marriage. You give of yourself very well – I can attest to not only from the years of stories I heard from Margaret, but also from being a guest in your home. I ate well, slept well and laughed well. It was great. I can only imagine you are a wonderful asset to your community, family and friends/adopted-family in Oregon and the world. Thanks for sharing and for the well wishes. You know you’re always welcome to stay in our guestroom if you want a new Italian adventure for yourself!

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