Unexpected Attachments.


  1. Drove into Catania – made it there in one piece, AND without putting any new dings in the Punto!
  2. Shopped at the flea market and Le Zagare with my friend Heather. Le Zagare is a shopping center next to I Portali, which is a big mall. We spent most of our time at Iper Spar, a nice grocery store. We found all sorts of new foods, three are pictured below.
  3. Bryan Kest was a special part of my day, some days his wisdom speaks to me more strongly than others.
  4. Dave made a most delicious dinner that I got to smell as I was finishing my yoga workout. Black beans, Bear Creek tortilla soup, with slightly caramelized onions and ricotta salada to top it off. Yummy. Secret tip – stir a bit of sriracha into the black beans for a hint of heat in the dish. http://www.huyfong.com/no_frames/sriracha.htm
  5. Finished the day reading my book, sipping a cup of lemon-ginger tea, and chomping on a delicious cookie – one of the foods I picked up at Iper Spar (last picture below).

I’m attached to the Punto! I am attached to the no-A/C, sweat-stained seats, dinged up Punto. It makes me feel Italian and I like that. Not only did I smoothly navigate the Catania traffic yesterday, an Italian man asked me for help while I was driving the Punto. It was at the airport parking lot and he came right up to my window. Amazingly, he didn’t desert me at my first vocabulary fumble, nor on account of my thick accent. We muddled through until I finally had to say “Non lo so.” (I don’t know.) I’m gonna miss you, Punto!


Iper Spar Foods.

40% green apple juice, 6% lemon juice, and then, um, you know, sugar and other “juice” fillers.


Another fruit-based treat – this one is 100% pureed fruit, still sugary, but natural at least.

This nondescript Sicilian specialty, Cassatelle, was delicate and crumbly with a mildly bitter chocolate filling. Delightful with a cup of tea and really tough to stop at one! The thought of having another one after dinner tonight helped me hold off. Delizioso!


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One response to “Unexpected Attachments.

  1. Lester

    I love seeing Italian packaging. And photos of you! XO

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