1. Picked up DAVE from the airport!!! He had been at a training in the U.S. and then he visited some family (Hi MB, D, A and M!).
  2. Prior to that, I SIGNED THE LEASE on our condo! See photos with our landlord Filippo and real estate agent Salvo, below.
  3. Did I mention that Dave was back? We got caught up on sharing our news and such and took a sweet little nap. Although the time passed quickly, life is better with Dave in it.
  4. Had a productive skype session with my therapist B. B and I started working together in Madison, Wisconsin, and although I see her much less frequently now, she is invaluable for me when I’m coming up against a sticky emotional thread in my life. Luckily, technology is awesome and B is willing to skype with long-time clients when they move away. B is the best!
  5. Dave and I watched Zodiac. Er, Dave and I started watching Zodiac and then one of us fell asleep. I won’t tell you which one, just like I won’t tell you which one is the Zodiac.

Resiliency: ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity or the like; buoyancy. From the sixth grade on, I tried to choose experiences that would push me out of my comfort zone. A basketball coach had preached that “adaptability” was a great virtue. Since I admired this coach, and more importantly Grandma Smith agreed, so I bought in to the idea. The approach has served me well. However, the last few years of navigating post-graduate employment in an economic crisis was probably the most difficult experience, yet. And, my spirit was down; I was suffering. But, baby; now I’m back!


Lease Signing 2011

First, there was some paperwork that I had to sign. Then, Filippo and I took turns signing five originals of the lease agreement. He is a congenial guy, we’re so lucky to have him for our landlord!

Then we got a group shot before leaving the housing office. Salvo is on the left of me and Filippo is on the right. Guess what? They make jokes about “breaking the camera” in Italian, too. I almost thought the guys were seriously going to decline a picture, but you can see what good sports they are. Grazie Salvo e Filippo!  It was a happy day, only missing Dave, who  was still en route to Catania from his training expedition in the states.

Buona Giornata, people, I love ya!

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