Eggplant makes everything better


1. Practiced reaching out and making friends.
2. Put my name on the list to volunteer as a victim advocate at the Sexual Assault office on base. The next training is in January and they have a lot of volunteers.
3. Fought tooth and nail with my ancient computer and finally got all of my gelato pictures posted! Hazaa! Final post will be up this afternoon.
4. Skyped with my good friend Jenn. We had a good laugh inspire by Elvis, it felt great to belly laugh like that.
5. Had a yummy dinner with eggplant. It is creamy and adds a certain richness to the vegetable mix. I sautéed it with an onion and yellow bell pepper. The combination was so flavorful with just a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper in the pan. Yummy!

Brutally honest or caring concern, craving or hunger, desperate or desire. Such nuanced distinctions depend on context and personal experiences. One is emotion driven and slightly dangerous. The other arises softly and leads to deliberate action. I struggle with these distinctions. As a romantic, I like to look for drama everywhere. Yet, I try to practice caring concern, hunger and desire. Giving my honest opinion but waiting to be asked; feeding myself healthy and flavorful foods to prevent cravings; and recognizing and indulging in my desires to nurture my soul and avoid desperation when I long for something or someone.


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