Ciao dalle Cefalù


1. Had a productive morning, cooking, enjoying a pistacchio cornetto, that sort of thing.
2. Opted to run outside, did a few loops in Motta for a 5k; hills hills hills.
3. Stretched on the rooftop terrace at our hotel and caught a gorgeous sunset, pinks, blues, violets, lovely.
4. Skyped with Dave and his sister and family; Dave stopped off in Nashville to visit them. I can’t wait to hear about the honky tonks.
5. Watched and LOVED “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit” with Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith of course, along with the other wonderful nuns, and Lauryn Hill joined in on this one. If you are wondering, that movie is from 1993. Ouch, that dates me!


Here I sit on a rocky perch by the sea in Cefalù. I have left the rubbish in the shot for authenticity; Sicily is beautiful and you have to learn to overlook a bit of trash here and there. Cefalù is about an hour and forty-five minute drive from Catania and I visited it in 2005. The blue water and dramatic rocky shore impress me now much as then. I am here for the Sherbeth Festival – a celebration of artisan and experimental gelati. The booths are set up around the town center: bonus walking tour. Photos and flavors “domani” (tomorrow).



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2 responses to “Ciao dalle Cefalù

  1. That picture is awesome! I would love to be sitting there right about now..

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