Movie Project: The Tim Gunn Movie Guide to Style

After reading Tim Gunn and Kate Moloney’s book and reviewing it, I am interested in following up on some of the books mentioned within, as well as attacking the list of “Films of Style” in the appendices. Netflix operates a little slower here (since mail takes about 2 weeks to go one-way), so it will be interesting to find these movies at the library, in Italian, or end up perhaps purchasing them.

Here’s the list.

Seen it, loved it, remember it.

  1. Doctor Zhivago (Thank you PBS!)
  2. Auntie Mame  (Thanks Uncle Michael)
  3. All About Eve  (Thanks Uncle Michael)
  4. Austin Powers
  5. The Devil Wears Prada (“loved it” is too strong for this one – it is slightly above “meh” for me, but it was really fun to watch!)

Seen it, or have I? Better re-watch it.

  1. Funny Face
  2. Dinner at Eight (hommage paid via a tv series and a movie short by the same name)
  3. Funny Girl

High priority prior to reading it on this list.

  1. The Philadelphia Story
  2. Valley of the Dolls
  3. Infamous (A movie whose content and title always remind me of this movie, that I remember watching in high school and really grasping how artist’s can reach out and grab your heart, and you don’t even see it coming.)
  4. Shampoo
  5. Grey Gardens (and of course, the well-received update by HBO)
  6. A Place in the Sun
  7. Cleopatra (ah, Elizabeth Taylor! There seem to be two recent remakes, one a tv series from 1999 with Billy Zane and the other coming out in 2013 starring Angelina Jolie.)

Never heard of it – hope it’s great!

  1. Blow-Up
  2. The Women (yikes! remade in 2008 with an all-star cast, but it looks terrible!)
  3. Dark Victory
  4. Persona
  5. The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
  6. The Palm Beach Story
  7. The Fountainhead
  8. Sleeper
  9. L’Avventura
  10. Metropolitan
  11. The Draughtsman’s Contract
  12. The Go-Between (Julie Christie! I love her. She’s still got magic in this movie dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.)
  13. Prospero’s Books
  14. Mildred Pierce (ooh, there is a 2011 remake starring Kate Winslet, I wonder what Gunn will have to say about that?)
  15. Last Year at Marienbad
  16. Masculin Feminin
  17. Desk Set

And, that’s it! I’m not sure if they chose sufficient movie listings to fit the page dimensions, or if thirty-two holds some magical numerical significance, but here is the list of Tim Gunn and Kate Moloney’s top thirty-two Films of Style. I have rearranged the order of the movies to categorize the movies. The second category “Seen it, or have I? Better re-watch” is necessary for movies like “Shampoo” which sounds familiar, but I always confuse it with the movie/production of “Hair” – merely because of the title. The same goes for “Funny Face” and “Funny Girl” – totally different movies, but I have a difficult time remembering which is which – the titles trip me up.

It is evident from this list, and from Gunn’s prose in the book, that his influences are heavily French-based (even if they are an outlying French colony). I am disappointed not to see any other nationalities get so much coverage, surely there are stylistically beautiful films from film-prolific India, or Japan, too? Perhaps the editors trumped on this one and directed the list to be trimmed for the target audience of the book, maybe Gunn’s francophilia runs deeper than we know. Nonetheless this looks like a great list of movies to watch.

Which have you seen? Are any of your favorites on the list?


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