Drumroll please… … … Yeaaaaaa Sweden!


  1. We got a move-in date for our house!!! September 29th.
  2. Had a nice long skype talk with my dear friend Nathan.
  3. Sat and enjoyed some lovely Sicilian sun.
  4. Made a few moves towards making friends – I am shy so this is tough for me. Plus, I am really independent, so I can go for long stretches of time without much human interaction. Sometimes I thrive on temporary isolation. Yet, I have learned that if I don’t take moderate and steady steps toward developing friendships, there will come a point when I am desperate for human contact, interaction and affection, and acting out of desperation is never pretty.
  5. Reached out for help on the job front. Finding a job is my Achilles heel lately. It used to come so easily to me (and the rest of the country…), and though I am grateful for the temporary jobs I had for a year, and then my incredible time spent at Dahlia Lounge (love y’all!), I am really insecure about applying for professional jobs now. I have a good lead right now and I am having some anxiety about “blowing it.” Any advice?


The Signature published these articles:

  • Lega Nordseparatists in the Po River valley held a bike race. Protesters blocked the lane and even roughed up a few bicyclists.


 …which inspired these musings on the use of force:


  • What do you think about Sweden’s zero tolerance policy?
  • Is “light” violence justifiable?
  • Did you assume the child is a boy?
  • Would it matter if the victims were female?
  • Would you call the child and the bicyclists “victims”?



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One response to “Drumroll please… … … Yeaaaaaa Sweden!

  1. Karrie

    Love the pictures!! It still looks so warm there. Wonderful!!!! XXO KB

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