Guilty Pleasures


Today’s Friday Theme 5-100 Post is about guilty pleasures. It’s too difficult to choose just five, so I’m focusing on five guilty pleasures I’ve indulged in since arriving in Sicily p.s. don’t do a google image search for “guilty pleasures” – it isn’t pretty.

  1. Laying in the sun with no agenda.
  2. “Friends” – although I stopped following the series around the time I got a social life in 1995, I continue to fall prey to renting a season every once in a while. I rented Season 4 while Dave’s been gone, so I don’t have to listen to his groans. Watching it, I’m reminded of how well most of the cast mixes in physical humor. Last night I was rewarded with this quip:
    Assistant: “Hi, I brought you back a macaroon.”Joanna (Boss): “Oh, great. I’ll keep it in my butt with your nose.”
  3. Snuggling with my kitties and getting dander in my face; usually a short wheezing spell follows, but the snuggles are worth it.
  4. Reading (for pleasure) for more than 1 hour at a crack. Usually, life is moving too fast to devote more than one solid hour to any project I have going on; I’ve often mixed this guilty pleasure with #1.
  5. Kettle Brand Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper Krinkle Cut chips. Too good to be true – I actually looked forward to the distance from them, but the commissary stocks them! Argh. Might be time to apply “deliberate practice” to the chips.

In case anyone hadn’t noticed, Dave is a JAG in the U.S. Navy.


(yes, the acronym is correct, but it’s not at all like the show)

Therefore I often shop at the commissary and the exchange. The commissary is the grocery store, and the exchange is the retail store (they may be combined). In Sigonella, the staff is part U.S. civilian and part Italian national.


When we first arrived, I was excited to speak Italian with everybody so I was surprised to learn the base is a piece of Americana: USD currency, speaking English, and Kettle chips. A little comfort, less opportunity for Italian practice, and rising to the challenge of healthy choices.


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