1. Realized that many Italians pull over to talk on their cell phones. Sweet!
2. Enjoyed an easy-like-Saturday-morning with Dave.
3. Knocked out chores and tasks.
4. Watched one terrible movie “The Open Road” (more on that later) and one brilliant movie “Gates of Heaven” (Thank you Errol Morris).
5. Soaked up more Sicilian sunshine; I am grateful daily for this beautiful sunshine.

Courtesy is highly valued on base. Signs in the locker room request courtesy, a sign posted in the commissary’s common area pleads “No offensive gestures or language.” Since these seem like basic courtesies,the mere presence of the signs makes me wonder what happened to necessitate the signs. Then, I spend two minutes in the middle of a group of sailors and hear “f**k” used nine times in as many ways, and I think “aha!” I like to use expletives for emphasis, too, but these sailors take it to another level. I am left only to wonder about the gestures…


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One response to “F**k!?!??

  1. Lisa Berg

    So you no longer wonder where “swearing like a sailor” comes from, eh? 🙂

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