The Housing Inspection


  1.  Rememberance Run 5k.
  2. Got through all of my errands and connected with oodles of friends and family on skype!
  3. Felt extra super-duper ALIVE the whole day.
  4. Cozied in for the night with Dave and watched Change of Plans. It was a good movie with a thoughtful balance between action and dialog; fun enough to pull you along and make you laugh, yet serious enough to inspire contemplation and conversation.
  5. Finally uploaded the Pandora app to my iphone!

What is this business about a housing inspection? The military provides housing; in Sicily there is base housing at Marinai and another option is to live “on the economy.” When you live on the economy, the house/villa/apartment/condo must be inspected (unless it is already in the system). Inspection addresses two issues: rental standards (light fixtures, kitchen cabinets) and fraud prevention (overcharging and pocketing the difference). Standards verification is necessary because Italian renting differs from the U.S.: e.g., leases are a minimum of four years, lighting fixtures and kitchen cabinets are not provided. Fraud prevention is necessary because some people suck.

P.S. That’s the short and sweet on the housing inspection. Let me know in the comments or by email if you have more questions and I will answer them in future posts.

P.P.S. (this is starting to feel like a teenage note passed in class) If you have a Theme suggestion for a post, let me know!


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4 responses to “The Housing Inspection

  1. Zina

    So what happened during the inspection? Is the inspector going over the property and interviewing the landlord? I’m curious.

    • The inspection will take place on September 15th. The house department sends a specialist to the unit. The specialist photographs the unit, notes number and types of room, ensures either an alarm system or bars on the windows (for 1st floor units), hook-ups for W/D, at least 2 A/C units, kitchen cabinets and light fixtures and takes all other pertinent info to include in the online catalog of units.

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