Coming home.


  1. Found a great gift for our cat-sitter.
  2. Enjoyed chatting with our group as we whiled away the afternoon waiting for our ferry.
  3. Finished “A House in Sicily” by Daphne Phelps. Great book!
  4. Felt like I was “coming home” as we descended from Taormina down into Catania.
  5. Reunited with Maki and Panther!

The phrase “coming home” sparks feelings of warmth, security and compassion. Last night, these feelings surged as we descended the autostrada into Catania. Fortunately, my home has been a haven, including my childhood home, assorted apartments, and the friends and family at home. Because for many people home is a more complex destination, I often volunteer where I can offer comforts and compassion of “home.” Whether it is teen-crisis counseling, sexual assault survivor support, or a Hands-of-Help meal (love you, Chick!), opportunities to offer compassion and connect with people are bountiful, we need only open our eyes and our hearts.

And now, a few pictures from the ferry, as we left the Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie). Vulcano is the island pictured below, it is quite near Lipari.

This is the ferry dock, so you can see a few cars. Vulcano and Lipari have a decent amount of cars on them. The other islands are almost exclusively mopeds and electric golf carts.

And, of course, every island has plenty of boat traffic!


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4 responses to “Coming home.

  1. Beautiful pictures! My grandparents are from Catania, how funny! I would love to go one day.

    • Wow, your grandparents are from Catania? That’s so neat. I have a distant (at least 5 generations back) Italian relative, and I know I was meant to live over here for a time. I just feel connected to the land and the sea. I am doing my best to get connected to the people and the language, too.

      With Sicilian grandparents, it’s no wonder you like to cook! I am always trying to incorporate more whole foods into my kitchen and diet and eliminate processed foods. It’s been more of a challenge right now since we’re in temporary housing, but the markets help out. I’m looking forward to some inspiration from your blog.

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