A cannolo for Angela


Here I sit to write this blogpost to you…


1. Four hour kayak excursion from the beach in front of our hotel around the uninhabited coastline and toward the island Vulcano. Awesome adventure, pictures are only in my memory. Come and visit me and I will bring you here.
2. Napping. One power nap after kayaking and a longer nap after lunch.
3. Lunch: Spaghetti Liparota – pomodoro sauce, basilico, olive, parsley, caperi (capers). With a glass of white wine, this was a delightful lunch.
4. Explored beach of Canneto.
5. Yummy zuppa di cozze (soup of mussels) pizza (pomodoro, gorgonzola e pancetta) and cannolo. (Cannoli is plural, ask for un cannolo if you want only one.) I finished with a glass of Malvasia, a local dessert wine specialty; it was rich and caramelly without being cloying or overly sweet. We toasted our friend Angela who requested we have a cannolo in her honor asap. Salute Angela! (photos below)

The best aspect of any beach town known to me is the incapability to underdress. No matter what you wear, you are sure to see somebody wearing less. Since I enjoy being naked, I relish wearing as little as possible in public without worrying that I am offending cultural norms. Like many, I have acute body image awareness, yet any anxiety seems to melt away in a beach town; it must seep out in the ubiquitous sweat. Here, I feel free physically and spiritually; ready to imagine the unimaginable and drift to sleep on the airs of hope and aspiration.


Dessert: cannolo, Malvasia, e un cafe.


Close up of the cannolo, stuffed with sweetened ricotta and sprinkled pistacchio.




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2 responses to “A cannolo for Angela

  1. Love your comment about the beach… you are absolutely right that you’ll ALWAYS see somebody wearing less! So glad you are enjoying your trip!

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