Arrivando al mattino


1. Submitted my paperwork for my Permesso di Soggiorni, Sojourner’s Permit.
2. Found out our household goods are still en route, expected to arrive 2 Oct. Hey, knowledge is power, now we can plan.
3. Knocked down all the tasks on my to-do list for the day.
4. Delicious lunch: sautéed onion, garlic, and zucchini, then sautéed my leftover casarecci pasta at the end. I love re-heating pasta this way.
5. Introduced Maki and Panther to our neighbor-friend Monique, who will take care of them while we visit the Isole Aeolia.

dee-di-di-deeeee. Dee-di-di-deeeee! DEE-DI-DI-DEEEEE! The alarm went off too early. My confused brain was still scrambling as my arm instinctively reached for the clock. My arm was confused, too, and I could not connect my hand to the snooze button; my vain attempts reminded me of a child playing whack-a-mole haphazardly. Finally my brain intervened and pushed my hand to the light switch and allowed my eyes to take control of the situation. Yes! Mission accomplished: awake at 4:30am, ready to meet the group for our early morning departure. Bring on the fun! Arrivando al mattino e Lípari, here we come!


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4 responses to “Arrivando al mattino

  1. Zina

    Love the photos for this post! You look like a crazed woman in the first photo! And your hair looks like it has tints of blonde?

  2. MBSmith

    Love the pics. The first reminded me of sleep-overs at my place after an evening of fun. The second reconfirmed how much I admire your ever loving heart. They both make me smile, inside and out.

  3. Sharon

    The second picture is definitely much prettier than the first. Enjoy the islands!

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