It’s All Relative.


  1. Started the new work-out schedule. Mon-Wed mornings, Thurs off, Fri & Sat mornings, Sun off.
  2. Had a fruitful conversation with Giuseppe while waiting for the bus intoCatania. He is the guy who parks outside of NAS I and sells produce. Yesterday he was selling roasted peanuts (in the shell) and watermelon, I got samples of both and an invite to dine with his family (agriturismo-style, there is a fee). He was the most aggressive salesperson I’ve encountered here and he was overall incredibly pleasant.
  3. Navigated finding a good bookstore, department store and celebrating my respective purchases with an arancino (tomate e melanzane), un espresso e una granita di limone (pictured in following post). Yummy.
  4. Focused on the positive after I missed my bus!
  5. Explored information on the Aeolian Islands( We have friends vacationing inTuscany, but travel prices are keeping us closer to home, so we’re taking the opportunity to explore these nearby islands which have housed civilizations for 6,000 years.

“It’s ALL relative!”* Who of you groan when I say this? I torture myself with it, too. For instance, yesterday when returning from Catania, I missed my bus. “My bus” runs every four hours, I arrived 30 minutes early, and still missed it! Instead of feeling utterly defeated, I said, “It’s All Relative! Two routes in one day, yippee.” Yes, it meant waiting another hour (hot sun), the return ride was over twice as long (50 minutes), and I paid the bus fare twice (1 Euro). Yet, I had my health, book and iphone, so I was sitting well, relatively.


*For anyone who also thinks of a particular Friends episode featuring a game category “It’s All Relative” – watch episode 412 (dialog here: (don’t worry about the Chinese characters)).

Another note: My hyperlink function is not functioning. I am working with WordPress to figure out the problem and until then ask you to bear with me as I cut and paste the links directly into the text.


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  1. Love your positive thinking! I need to learn to be more like that.

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