Lido Azzurro


1. Sleeping in.
2. Great workout.
3. Visit to Enna, charming hilltop town (look for pics later his week).
4. Granita di limone on a hot afternoon.
5. Delicious pizza delivery while we did laundry, aruula, prosciutto and parmigiana. Yum!

Today is my first post from my beloved iPhone, while soaking up sun at Lido Azzurro. We saw thousands of cars lining the beach road, and lucked out with one of the final spots in Azzurro’s parking lot. This lido has much to offer: DJ, lifeguards, sand volleyball courts, kiddie pool, and more. We rented beach chairs and an umbrella. Uncle Bill, it is a lot like Mexico, beach vendors and all. As peaceful and relaxing as this is, I am thinking about my friends enduring a different sea phenomenon, Hurricane Irene. May you all be safe while she passes.



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