Piazza Sigonella


  1. Impromptu run-ins with friends on base = strategy meetings for finding work. @ Piazza Sigonella, see pictures below.
  2. Cherry tomatoes baked into foccacia bread, halved bread smeared with caramelized onions and layered with auricchio piccante (Provolone cheese, dry)(http://purplefoodie.com/provolone-valpadana/).
  3. Got Dave’s ration card so we can buy booze on base.
  4. Priced treadmills, thinking about a Nordic Track treadmill (4500 Pro)(http://www.nordictrack.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_-1_10301_12401_59002_127803). Anybody with a treadmill have comments or thoughts to share?
  5. Soaked up loads of warm, loving, Sicilian sunshine!

Technology is a classic double-edged sword. Even if you’re reading this blog (a prime example of a technological benefit), I suspect you are someone who thinks about technology’s drawbacks. Technology makes work easier…except when you have to be trained on new software (time). Technology enables global communication, except you have to pay for it (money). Technology moves the world forward and brings us closer to each other, except when we use it to build walls and hide within cyber communities (relationships). Despite relying on technology to do so, I am grateful that I can share my Sigonella experiences with y’all!

Looking east down the piazza.


Looking west up the piazza.


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5 responses to “Piazza Sigonella

  1. Zina

    Pretty photos, but where are the people?

  2. Wow….palm trees. Reminds me of Southern California. And it looks so different than Tuscany!

  3. Lester

    We are grateful for your blog updates – yea technology for far-away friends!

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