Gelato in Nicolosi

Here we go, first a classy crisp sign welcomed us in from the hot dusty road.


Mmmmmm, look at all the gelato offerings!


There are so many options! Which shall I have? Wait a second. Are those really cannoli stuffed with gelato?


Oh goodness. Those ARE cannoli stuffed with gelato, AND the ends are dipped in chocolate. Wow.

Hmmm, what to do…look at all those gelato flavors.


That bright pink one in the back row looks popular. Fruta di bosca? Sounds great, with a scoop of cannella of course.

Here it is!


A Ferrogosto mosaic for Nicolosi. 2011.


Sicilian horsecart. (Mentioned with pride in “Mafioso.”)


Nicolosi charm, tasty gelato, and plans to return for gelato-stuffed cannoli leave Jill a happy woman.



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3 responses to “Gelato in Nicolosi

  1. Tasty. Your hair is lengthening. Watch out, world.

  2. Lester

    you are cute. your photos are great. your voice is just right.

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