The “what’s that smell” effect and eyelid sweat.


  1. Picked up a sketch pad, pencils and erasers for an art project.
  2. Completed cleaning chores for the weekend.
  3. Had a great running workout!
  4. Picked up groceries and a bottle of Moretti at a new-to-us neighborhood market; entire transaction in Italian!
  5. Ate the yummiest, most succulent, and flavorful nectarine – from the Catania market.

Sweat; it happens. I have been so busy enjoying the sun and its accompanying heat that I have been too distracted, almost, to notice the humidity and its accompanying sweat. Our rental car lacks air conditioning, magnifying the effect. Two extraordinary sweat mentionables: (i) I ask myself “what’s that smell” only to realize moments later that I’m smelling my own sweat! (ii) eyelid sweat: when my eyes are open, the sweat collects in my eyelid folds, as I start to close my eyes and my eyelids descend, I can feel the air hit the dampness that has accumulated. That’s sweaty.


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