Olympic Sculpture Park (via 24:00)

Although cinquecentoProject focuses on the positive aspects of living in Sicilia, I have a certain fondness for Seattle, Wisconsin and other spots that I can’t deny.

Check out these great shots of the Sculpture Park in Seattle. It was my favorite sight to recommend to visitors and I was always happy to host a tour. We even included it in the slightly rainy 5k on our wedding day.

Fond memories!

Olympic Sculpture Park I wasn't kidding when I said I had a ton of photos from Ben's visit on the way. You know I actually still have a bunch of pictures from my trip to Hawaii in January to share too…maybe I should just start uploading to Flickr again. Here are some silly photos of us playing around in Sculpture Park (the Seattle Art Museum's outdoor gallery of sorts). Add it to your list if you haven't been, it's a very nice place to spend an afternoon! There's als … Read More

via 24:00


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