Viva Sicilia!


  1. Visited the Lido Azzuro (Blue Beach) on the final day of indoctrination.
  2. Swam in the Ionian Sea, under the apathetic watch of Mt. Etna.
  3. Watched crime shows in Italian language on television.
  4. Practiced Italian with Dave.
  5. Saw my first Fiat Cinquecento in person! (Photo below. 1st CC sighting of this trip. I got to ride in a CC when I was here in 2005 with my dear friend Ashley).

Today was the final day of Indoctrination. With no ceremony, we parted ways from each other; some of us are new friends, others we shan’t see much more, and a small few are still nameless faces in the crowd. We have been released into the military community at large, as well as the foreigner-savvy Sicilian populace. Sicilians are so accustomed to foreigners that they simply wait for the invading group to assimilate to Sicilian life. Greeks, Romans, Normans, Moors, French, Spanish and Italian have all made their mark on Sicily, and Sicilians just nodded and kept working, eating, and living.


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