Base Living


  1. Explored the beautiful city of Siracusa.
  2. Found another tiny and gorgeous beach, next to the Grand Hotel Minareto and en route to Punta Castellucio Lighthouse.
  3. Navigated ordering a sandwich and espresso in Italian at the AutoGrill.
  4. Enjoyed listening to the Italians at the beach, just soaking up the sun and the language.
  5. Other than posting to the blog, spent the day internet-free (feels good one day a week!).

Being attached to a military base is unique, no matter where it is. My introduction in Bremerton (NBK) was pleasant: tax-free shopping, a great gym, buying alcohol at the “package store,” and showing my military ID at every turn. Sigonella offers nearly the same services, and many more. In order to host service member families, there is a K-12 Department of Defense school, a gorgeous pool complete with water slide and baby pool, 2-screen movie theater, daycare facilities, resource center and human resources office. While it feels a little “Stepford” at times, overall it is a warm and welcoming community.

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