Il Mare (The Sea)


  1. Swimming in the Mediterranean: at Agnone & Aci Castello.
  2. Explored neighborhoods & decided on one area to focus on for housing search.
  3. Purchased 1st Italian-language dvd: “Il Grande LEBOWSKI.”
  4. Finished a project related to applying for jobs.
  5. Got laundry done for the week.

The sun was high overhead, the sea was sparkling blue, the lava-stone felt rough and uneven as our toes gripped tightly to the rock. We perched on an outcropping at the base of Piazza Aci Castello. Below us: gorgeous azure waters; in front of us: the chance to jump. The rock ledge raced into the sea and left room for us to jump, yet everyone there gave pause before jumping to meet the sea’s welcoming waves. Finally, I jumped! The water was perfectly warm and pleasantly salty. We bobbed among the sparkling blue waves, planning our evening and feeling content.


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4 responses to “Il Mare (The Sea)

  1. Erin

    Beautiful, Jill. You made me feel as though I was right next to you, waiting to jump in the water. And wishing I was.

  2. I’m catching up on more of your back posts and this one is just lovely. I should’ve linked directly to it when I tagged you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Which I did. Today.

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