Cercando Ristorante


  1. Practiced and perfected the gentle “here I am” Italian driving beep-beep.
  2. Squeezed in a work-out at the gym.
  3. Felt 100% comfortable driving.
  4. Got 1st shipment of books from Seattle – 1 Sicilian cookbook, 1 Ital-Eng dictionary, Harry Potter in Italian (gift from my dear friend Z).
  5. Met the XO of the base – he just came from a tour on the U.S.S. Stennis (homeported in Bremerton, WA).

Damn that Moonlighting! The theme song is stuck in my head. Argh! Aside from that, Dave and I walked up the hill in Motta to a good dining spot. Dinner was: good antipasto plate, disappointing Caprese salad, and okay pasta. It was full of other U.S. citizens and we agreed that when we move to our permanent home, we want to find an Italian-majority dining spot. This goal is two-fold: (1) Italian-majority (or any “local” spot, anywhere) usually means better food & (2) when we can’t fall back on the English menu translations & English-speaking staff, our Italian will improve.


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