The Outfits

Buon giorno!

After slogging through a fairly miserable Seattle spring, I had been anxious for the unrelenting Sicilian sun. I remembered the heat and relative humidity from my 2005 visit to Sicily and I packed my bags accordingly.

Unfortunately, when I arrived, I realized a key piece of my temporary wardrobe was no longer appropriate to wear in public. This key piece is one of my favorite khaki skirts; and I have worn it so regularly and for long enough that I wore a hole into one of the side seams. This was my only heat-tolerable bottom piece. Therefore, until the other day, I had been surviving the Sicilian heat by wearing sundresses. Yes, I packed five sundresses.

Because the rest of my clothes are packed with our household goods, it will be about six weeks until I see the rest of my wardrobe.

So, I went shopping. Well, shopping-light. I got two new outfits, including a pair of black shorts that will allow me to wear something other than a sundress.

A little black dress.

While I already have a pile of dresses, this was too cute to pass up!



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