1. Started my blog.
  2. Figured out where and how to sustain an internet connection at the hotel.
  3. Learned about Space “A” flights (A = available).
  4. Explored Motta Sant’Anastasia more.
  5. Found a yummy bakery within walking distance of the hotel.

When nostalgia hit us late last week, we were in the base library video section. We saw the complete series of “Moonlighting.” They say timing is everything. Since then we’ve been watching Cybil Shepherd (Maddie Hayes) and Bruce Willis (David Addison) bumble through the cheesiest, 80’s-iest detective show, ever. We’ve laughed a lot, we’ve groaned even more. Today, I took one step away from Moonlighting and stepped toward my Italian language goal, by checking out “Mafioso.” My Italian language goal: Comfortable going anywhere inItaly and conversing with Italians; read any Italian newspaper, young adult and non-fiction books with relative ease.


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