Cinquecento Project takes off!


1. Watched and loved the movie “Temple Grandin.”
2. Watched my cats, Maki & Panther gently clean each other.
3. Got new clothes suitable to the hot weather (2 outfits!).
4. Wrote down my goals.
5. I’m in Sicilia!!!

Today was a rough start and tomorrow will likely be the same. Not a lot of sleep and then finally when I do fall asleep, BAM! The alarm is going off. The heat abated a bit, still smoking hot in the afternoon, and nice and cool in the evening. Dave and I caught a beautiful sunset from our balcony. The clouds were glowing pink, purple and orange as they settled over the foothills leading east to Mt. Etna. I have the makings of a first friend. We have exchanged emails and I saw her blog. Calms Forte, take me away!


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10 responses to “Cinquecento Project takes off!

  1. Phil

    Glad to hear you guys made it! This blog is a good idea, but you’re always full of those! Good luck on the job hunt, don’t work too hard.

  2. I love your new blog theme and look forward to your posts! Temple Grandin looks intriguing. Just put it on hold at the library. Go easy on yourself during this time of transition.

  3. trinia

    love this jill! one question… why oh why are you setting an alarm? you deserve at least a week of no buzzing!

    • ach, I think so, too!

      we have “Indoctrination” M-F. It is a 2-week orientation program, and it’s actually pretty useful, so far. Next week is the Intercultural Relations portion, which means Field Trips!!! Yay!

      And, I grudgingly admit that the schedule is a nice way to transition into the new time zone.

      • OK, am dying to hear more about the specifics of your schedule/plan. Very intriguing…

        • Hi there,

          Things are still coming together, so I’ll share my current plan. (1) blog my 5-100 post each day. 5 highlights of the day before and 100 words of reflection on something. (2) Running goals, trying to speed up to a 24 minute 5k. I’m around a 28 minute 5k now, so it might take me all 3 years that we are in Italy to achieve this goal. (3) seek out 5 new blogs a day; I’m relying 99% on Freshly Pressed for now, and I’m hoping to do 3 out of 5 from FP in the future and get other-than-wordpress blogs. (4) Italian language. This is lagging and I’m blaming it on being in temporary housing (we are waiting for an inspection before we can get the ball rolling on our permanent housing here). To achieve my goals of conversational Italian and being able to read YA fiction and the newspapers, I am going to use Rosetta Stone (1 hour/day); consume Italian media (already have a little bit in my FB newsfeed) like books, movies and news; get a language partner (exchange English for Italian language experience); hopefully make some Sicilian friends. I’d love input!

  4. MBSmith

    Love it! Looking forward to tagging along on the journey.

  5. Karrie

    Hey Jill, great idea. Looking forward to seeing the outfits.

  6. Melanie

    Hi Jilly! I am excited about your blog and am sure that there will be no shortage of things to be happy about in Italy!! Love, Mel

  7. Emily

    I like your clever blog, Jill! And your positivity. 🙂 New country, lots of new adjustments…I truly hope you acclimate quickly and are able to enjoy this journey! Miss you at work!

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